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We went for a short trip to Northern Ireland in October and visited quite a few prehistorical sites, such as dolmen, burial cairns and a souterrain (crawling into a badly lit tunnel basically). I couldn’t help myself to include the interesting history of the Brontë Family since we visited a place on the Brontë Homeland route. I also attempt to play the folk tune ‘Brian Boru’s March’. Enjoy! 

We went on a road trip to St Andrews in October to visit a photography festival, but mostly ended up doing sightseeing. What do you think of my ‘St Andrews theme’?

On Day 5 we visit the Shetland Museum & Archives in Lerwick and then go hillwalking to the top of  Shetland’s highest hill, Ronas Hill. Lots of museum footage for those who like history. Enjoy!

Shetland Day 4 – We’re exploring the island of Unst and hiking up to see the northernmost point of Britain. 

If you are ready to listen to me blether on about Scottish history for 10 minutes straight, go ahead and click the video. 

This is my favorite one so far! Still on the 2nd Day: A tour around Jarlshof, Shetland, and visting St Ninian’s Isle. Enjoy!

Photos of Jarlshof are here.

Shetland Day 2! A tour of the Broch of Mousa and the island around it is on my YouTube channel. 😀

First Day of my Shetland adventure! I’m planning a series with these, one video per full day on Shetland. It’s once again lo-fi, but it has Shetland ponies! 😀 

I wanted to vlog, but since it was three of us, it wasn’t possible, so I decided to do a voice-over instead. I will try to improve the sound quality for the next videos, but until then I hope you enjoy this one. 🙂

Walking the Scottish Highlands | Glencoe | Coire Gabhail – The Hidden Valley

Enjoy the journey.