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Shark Fin by Manuel Dietrich

Location: Phang Nga, Thailand ⛰

Shetland Day 2! A tour of the Broch of Mousa and the island around it is on my YouTube channel. 😀

First Day of my Shetland adventure! I’m planning a series with these, one video per full day on Shetland. It’s once again lo-fi, but it has Shetland ponies! 😀 

I wanted to vlog, but since it was three of us, it wasn’t possible, so I decided to do a voice-over instead. I will try to improve the sound quality for the next videos, but until then I hope you enjoy this one. 🙂

Clickimin Broch, near Lerwick, Shetland

This is a well-preserved Iron Age style broch from roughly the 1st Century AD. The site was occupied since the Late Bronze Age and originally the peninsular would have been a small island, accessible by a stone causeway. The broch was probably quite impenetrable at the time. It has been restored and is maintained by Historic Scotland, but free to visit. It is quite well preserved for being right next to Shetlands biggest town. 

I have filmed around and inside the broch for my Youtube Channel. 

Bautzen, Germany

This colourful town was traditionally inhabited by the Sorbs, a Slavic people, and though they have declined in numbers, many still live in this region (as well as the Spreewald region to the North) and keep traditional customs alive. There is a Sorbian museum you can visit if you want to know more about them (which is the reason why we stopped by), but overall they have also contributed to the slightly unusual appearance of the town architecture. 

New Zealand

New Zealand

Playa Lagoon Fuerteventura

Playa Lagoon Fuerteventura

Parque Nacional Torres del Paine