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You are my sunshine ☀️

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‘Velvet’ – (2019)

This is what yesterday afternoon consisted of. Scrambling along the slick rockshelves with id say 5-6ft swell smashing against the rockshelves as seen in the top left of my image captured above.

So pristine 🌻

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Raging ocean waters cascading off the rock shelves is always an interesting shoot.

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Pot of gold somewhere in Lemont 🌈

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Rodney Gardens, Perth, Scotland

A tranquil place with beautiful flowers and free to visit. If you happen to be in Perth, I can only recommend it. It’s just on the other side of the river Tay. 

‘Twisted Roots’ – (2019)

Isn’t it incredible how nature can just twist and turn in all directions choosing its own direction.

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Near Willowgate Activity Centre and Cafe, Perth, Scotland

When you follow the river Tay downstream you get to this nice area, where a lot of people fish or just sit and enjoy the nice view on the Kinnoull Hill cliffs. You can catch boat trips from here or just have a cup of tea. It’s a short and pleasant walk, especially in the summer when all the flowers and berries are out. We were eating delicious raspberries and red-currants along the way!