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If you’ve been following my work you know that I try my absolute hardest to make sure every single photograph I post is as close to perfection as possible, one could say I’m an OCD perfectionist 😮

As you can see I have just launched Clocks and Insta Pillows which is now live on my website and available for purchase. I’ve printed and wrapped a couple of these stunners for Christmas presents this year for my friends and family. Perfect gift for the nature and landscape lovers out there!

Taughannock under moonlight 💦🌝

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‘Zenith’ – (2019)

Back to star dust! ✨

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Leading into the rocky mountains is what I tried to portray in this scene. The balance of highlights and shadows is where the true emotion holds itself.

Hey, guess what…

I heard your walls are looking empty and need some pretty pictures hung on it. Get your little mittens on some of my work available as prints, framed prints, framed canvases etc Have a peep over at

‘Bombo Glow’

This place never fails to disappoint, even for the 1000th time visiting.

Would you like to become apart of Corey’s photography journey? Help support him by purchasing prints over at his website ( and tell your friends about him and his good looks… okay, maybe just tell them that he takes pretty pictures 🙂

Relax tonight at the lake side


1) Soaring Through Twilight 🕊️

Location: Mount Seymour

2) A Colourful Chaos 🎨

Location: Nanaimo, British Columbia

3) Filled With Light 🌤️

Location: Nanaimo, British Columbia

by Zach Doehler

1) The Valley of Light 🌥️

Location: Amalfi, Italy

2) Colourful Cosmos 🌌

Location: Canmore, Alberta

3) Searching For Reflections ☁️

Location: Bow Lake, Canada

4) Jagged Edges 🏔️

Location: Banff National Park

5) Golden Peaks ✨

Location: Banff National Park

by Zach Doehler

by Sondre Eriksen

Location: Knutetårnet – Kongsberg, Norway