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Shot a couple of months ago out at the Sapphire Coast. Camel Rock standing tall in all it’s glory.

‘Horsehead Highlights’ – (2019)

Who sees the horses head drinking out of the ocean? Let me know when you see it.

My favourite kind of light is right here captured within this photograph! About 30 minutes before the sun actually rises the way the light bounces around and paints in the landscape with soft glow is the reason why it’s my favourite kind of light.

Inside x Out
Which one do you choose 1 or 2?

Many times visiting this 100+ year old abandoned train tunnel I have seen it in many conditions. If I were to choose my favourite it’ll have to be 1 due to it being an oldie of mine and still a best seller.
Which ones your favourite? 1 or 2? Let me know below.

‘Camel Flow’

Bermagui ‘Camel Rock’ catching that morning glow in all it’s glory! This was my first trip down there shooting the Sapphire Coast a couple of weeks ago and my god! What a wicked location to explore! Out of this world!

Horse Head – (2019)

‘Duplicate’ – (2019)

Shark Fin by Manuel Dietrich

Location: Phang Nga, Thailand ⛰

Alpenglow in the Dolomites 🌄❤️
Roman Huber

Location: Dolomites

by Marvin Kuhr

Location: Soutěsky – Hřensko

‘Velvet’ – (2019)

This is what yesterday afternoon consisted of. Scrambling along the slick rockshelves with id say 5-6ft swell smashing against the rockshelves as seen in the top left of my image captured above.