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Island of Mousa, Shetland

This is a small uninhabited island, which mainly serves as a nature reserve. There you can also find the Broch of Mousa, which is preserved almost in its entirety. The Mousa Boat takes you across for a few hours from April to September, before the stormy winter season begins. We were able to watch birds and seals from the distance and enjoyed the circular walk along the beautiful cliffs before the boat took us back to the mainland of Shetland. 

Here you can see Mousa Broch up close.

My Youtube video about the trip to the Island of Mousa.

Near Willowgate Activity Centre and Cafe, Perth, Scotland

When you follow the river Tay downstream you get to this nice area, where a lot of people fish or just sit and enjoy the nice view on the Kinnoull Hill cliffs. You can catch boat trips from here or just have a cup of tea. It’s a short and pleasant walk, especially in the summer when all the flowers and berries are out. We were eating delicious raspberries and red-currants along the way! 

Nature‘s Art by Manuel Dietrich

by robin.wittwer

by Frederik Schindler

by Max Rive

by Marvin Kuhr

by Marvin Kuhr

Mornings at the Seealpsee by Benedikt Braun

by visualsofjulius