I have always loved to draw and paint. You probably won’t be surprised at all when I tell you that I loved watching Bob Ross as a child and have taken a lot from his approach to paintings. I finally decided to create an account for my paintings. My goal is to recreate some of my favourite Scottish landscapes in the medium of Acrylic. Hopefully, sharing my art publicly will encourage me to paint a lot more. I decided to try out Instagram as a platform, so those of you who are interested and have an account, can follow me on my Instagram page, but I will also share my art to Tumblr. 

I am super excited for this! 😀

For anybody who missed this: I have an Instagram account with my paintings and occasional photos. Follow me there if you have Instagram. (Also, in case tumblr tanks, which I hope won’t happen. It’s the best site to showcase photography, imo.)